Servo Drives
Digital Servo Drive
Speed/velocity control mode in servo drives
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Permanent Magnet motor
Pole slipping in induction motors
Motion controls of servo system
AC motor noise level
EtherCAT Application
Multi pole servo motor control at slow speeds
Upper and lower cage in double cage induction motors
Hipot Testing for Traction Motor
Electric motor selection
Seven common NEMA motor types
Three Phase AC Motors
What is Induction Motor
Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Wound Rotor Induction Motor
Three Phase Synchronous Motor
Single Phase AC Motors
Split Phase Motor
Split Phase Capacitor Motor
Shaded Pole Motor
Inverter Duty Motor
Multi-Speed Motors
Motor Troubleshooting
Can I control asynchronous motor accuracy as servo
Washing solvent for motor windings
AC Motor Selection and Cabling
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Servo motor in electric cars
Improve motor efficiency
Speed or torque control at low speed without a sensor
Single phase motor control
Brushless DC Motor Control
DC/AC Motor Control
Most important power electronics in powering PM motor
Does the motor speed always constant?
Servo Drive System vs. Variable Frequency Drive
Motor Start
Replace vs. repair motor
What is difference between induction motor and synchronous motor
Motor surge testing
Why electric motors are rated in horsepower?
Electric motor repair: outsource or do it yourself
What's the best software for BLDC motor design?
How to kill a motor?
Electric Motor Testing Tips
System design oversight
How Synchronous Motor Works?
Motor QUIZ
Relationship between speed, frequency and voltage in induction motor?
Supply Connection of 3 phase induction motor
Why Motor Fails? Troubleshooting your motors
Motor Won't Start, what's the problem?
How much is the inductance of the "empty" motor?
Accelerated life cycle test for electric motor
Preventive maintenance in induction motors
Convert motor running frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz?
3-phase Induction Motor Efficiency and other issues?

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