Servo motor in electric cars

What do you have hearing about the application of servomotors in cars, because I believe that in a few years we won't more combustion engines but, instead of wheels and mechanical transmissions, just servomotors already plugged to the tires.

There are 100% electric cars being made or regular cars modified into servo motors by many companies. Range is the issue. Some claim to 200 mile range - not sure if that is real or not as my modified to 100% electric Chevy Equinox by Amp Electric has a range of 60-85 miles from its 37kwh Lion battery pack depending on how radical acceleration. If I stay below what most folks do (5ft/sec2) or if I enjoy my corvette like starts (10-15ft/sec2). Although efficiency is very similar for fast or slow acceleration, the batteries unfortunately discharge faster with high current demand. Until these electric car companies begin incorporating proper usage of super caps this will continue to be an issue. Any AS or PM motor design will do. Mine is 2 pc 350v PMDC frameless Delphi motors for about 160kw max output and base speed of about 2500rpm to 9000rpm max with field weakening & resolver feedback thru approx 8:1 planetary gearboxes.
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