Inverter Duty Motor

Inverter duty and vector duty describe a class of AC induction motors that are specifically designed for use with frequency inverter. The high switching frequencies and fast voltage rise times of frequency inverters can produce high voltage peaks in the windings of standard AC motors that exceed their insulation break down voltage. Also, operating motors for an extended time at low motor rpm reduces the flow of cooling air, which results in an increase in temperature. NEMA-rated inverter- or vector-duty motors use high-temperature insulating materials that can withstand higher voltage spikes and operating temperatures. This reduces the stress on the insulation system.

Frequency inverter variable loads such as pumps, hydraulic systems, and fans. In these applications, motor efficiency is often poor due to operation at low loads and can be improved by using a frequency inverter in place of speed controllers such as belts and pulleys, throttle valves, fan dampers, and magnetic clutches. E.g., a pump or fan, controlled by an inverter, running at half-speed consumes only one-eighth of the energy com pared to one running at full speed, resulting in consider able energy savings.
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