Motor Won't Start, what's the problem?

No Noise
A. Check the input power to the motor and motor starter.

B. Check the motor and starter overload devices.

C. Check the motor and starter wiring connections.

D. Check the driven load.

E. Check the size of the motor versus the load.

F. Check the motor windings.

Starts If Shaft Is Spun
A. This will occur with a split phase or capacitor start motor only.

B. Check to see if the start winding is burned out.
  • If so, replace the winding or rewind motor completely.
C. Centrifugal start switch may be bad or contacts dirty
  • Disassemble motor in order to make the appropriate repairs.
D. Start winding lead may be loose
  • Disassemble motor in order to make the appropriate repair.
Check the centrifugal starting switch. It may have dirty contacts. If the starting winding is burned out, the motor may start if the shaft is turned. The starting winding should also be checked to see if it is loose or burned out. If the motor has a starting capacitor, check to see that the capacitor is good and replace the capacitor if it is bad. Check the bearings to see if they are locked and will not allow the shaft and rotor to turn.

Hums / Heats Up
A. Verify correct voltage

B. Check starting windings/switch

C. Check for single phasing

D. The rotor or bearings may be locked.
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