Electric motor repair: outsource or do it yourself

There are some customers out there that have their larger motors repaired at one facility and their smaller motors repaired at others. There are also customers who expect you to take care of all their motor repairs no matter how small or how large.

It has become increasingly difficult to make a profit by repairing smaller motors, so when they are standard / off the shelf motors there is a small profit to be made by replacing the motor as opposed to a loss when the motor is repaired. In the case of smaller Specialty or OEM motors the repair price is most often more expensive than new but sometimes the new motor has an extended delivery. In cases like this when delivery is a factor we give a fixed price prior to repair. In 99% of these cases the customer will tell us to proceed. The internet has made it much easier to source the OEM Motor and obtain a price and delivery quite quickly.

Where we will subcontract a repair to another facility is on the rewind of small armatures. Most of the larger facilities do not have the equipment required to economically rewind a small armature but there are some shops that specialize in that aspect of motor repair. we rarely encounter any problems when we subcontract this type of work. We do al the dismantling and assembly work that is required and we get a price ahead of time from the subcontractor. the customer gets the total price ahead of time and issues a purchase order or gives a verbal go ahead. The only time we run into problems is when the subcontractor does not meet the delivery date.

In our business the customer is king and should be kept well informed. The biggest mistake some people make is not calling the customer because they think they have nothing to tell them. When a customer is called and kept informed he/she knows that his service facility has not forgotten about their needs. Keep your customers informed, first on the price and then on the progress and, most of the time, problems don't happen.
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