Accelerated life cycle test for electric motor

Q: I would like to know about any standard or documents or method, which will help to conduct accelerated life cycle test on electric motor. For example, if we are planning to give 10 years warranty on a motor, how long (short time) we should run the motor at rated condition to replicate the same impact. This is just an example.

A: First - you'd need to define the items that would be covered under such a warranty condition. Second - you'd need to decide what constitutes an acceptable failure rate during the warranty period.

For most manufacturers, this basically boils down to life cycle testing of a couple of key systems.

The first is the insulation systems (which can be performed independently of the actual machine, although there is some relevance to at least trying to replicate the testing in a "real" situation, if the machine size is not too big for the testing facility to handle).

The second is bearing life (either using a pre-manufactured bearing like Renk or Dodge and thus their documented L10 / B10 life calculations ... or doing essentially the same thing for an "in-house" bearing design.)

The third would be "accessory" failures, such as corrosion of water-side tubing in water-to-air heat exchangers. Similarly, seal failures on lubricating and ventilation systems would be examined here.

Because there is such a wide variety of "inclusions" - and "exclusions" - in different warranties, the chances of having a well-defined practice for the whole thing is slim to none. The best you might come up with is a consensus standard for testing criteria such as ASTM, ASME, IEEE, or IEC for different sub-components (for example, voltage endurance testing of windings falls under ASTM D2275 and/or IEC 60034-18-42, to name a few).
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