The communication is extremely important. If you just speak about the operation of let's say a drive and controller pair. But if you have all kinds of different applications, then additional aspects have to come into consideration.

* If you want to develop some feature that needs specification to be supported by several other vendors, then the democratic and continuously operation Technical Working Groups (TWG) will help you to realize this feature inside the next specification round.

* As soon as your planning the plant, you will think of how you build up you cabinets etc. Within a SERCOS plant you just need to think about the devices you have anyway. No switches required. Costs no money, needs no space, No reliability problem.

* When you start-up a plant, you will have some problems at one or the other corner (we all know that).

* Due to fast-ethernet your automation components will not suck up all the bandwidth and you will want to add standard Ethernet components. SERCOS has built-in 3-port switches that transfer the non-sercos Ethernet frames unchanged through the network, no more efficient way like this. There is no point in the network where standard-Ethernet devices can do any harm.
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